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life | 26 September 2016

After watching the second season of Narcos (after binge-watching the entire first season again ), I was convinced I knew the entire Spanish language. Of course when we arrived in Mallorca last week, the only Spanish words I could utter were ta puta madre or plata o plomo. Both of which will not get you very far in Spain (or any other country) I can tell you.

I’ve always had this thing where, after watching a TV or movie (or reading a book), I live in a continued world of whatever I was watching. Imagine me after 8 Mile (gangster Igrien is significantly less cute than regular Igrien).

This week’s posts includes my Mallorca travel diary. We traveled to the Balearic island of Spain to celebrate the marriage of two friends. Upon congratulation the bride’s mother, she asked me when K and I are going to get married. A question – it seems – on everybody’s minds. I believe in the constitution of marriage – for some people. I don’t think it is necessarily something you have to do to move on to the next level of your relationship. K and I have been together for sixteen years (high five). It hasn’t always been easy, sure, but I don’t think we need a marriage to seal our bonds. They are forever sealed by our love, the many beautiful memories we share and all that is still to come for us.

That said, I also know that however way I am feeling now, does not mean it will be the same in a couple of years. We change, and so do our ideas about life, children, marriage.

To continue my story, I’ve summed up some of my highlights from our trip to Mallorca. I excluded footage of the wedding and events with our friends for two reasons. One, I do not have footage of the wedding (for once I let go of my need to carry around a camera with me). Two, I do not want to be the blogger who has to capture every photo-worthy second of her life. My life and my blog may not always be separate things, but I choose to keep both separate when I can (and out of respect to my friends – they did not choose this life).

On the blog this week are also two style posts: one beauty flatlay and one shopping guide. The pink beauty flatlay was something I had been planning for a while already. I am not much a pink person, but with all the pink products I’ve been using lately, I felt like highlighting the color on the blog. As for the shopping guide, it features a trend I (and the rest of the fashion world) are obsessing over wildly).

From the food category, we’re featuring Baut, an Amsterdam favorite and from the life section some tips on how to survive your Monday. From the inspiration logs, an article about new TV shows I can’t wait to watch.

What do you guys think of the new set up by the way? With the new set up, articles will appear every Monday on the blog. My aim is to publish at least one article per category each week (good luck). We’re also trying to work on a Youtube channel (yay). I had one video planned for this week but I couldn’t finish it on time so it may go live next week (fingers crossed).

So many plans, and so little time.

I’ve also been busy updating my photography portfolio. Took me ages because all my files are scattered on different hard drives (very smart). 

Oh, and I changed up my hair a bit if you hadn’t noticed. The last time I rocked bangs was back in 2010 (I know this because there’s a Facebook profile pic documenting this historical event). And now I’m rocking them again (at least, I think I am).

I am just going on about everything and nothing, aren’t I?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this week’s posts. Have a good week y’all – see you again next week!