Taiko’s Vegan Fine Dining Menu

Taiko Vegan Fine dining Menu Amsterdam Conservatorium Hotel


Taiko’s Vegan Fine Dining Menu

July 2019

Vegan fine dining

Restaurant Taiko serves a magnificent vegan menu that may be the most interesting vegan fine dining menu in Amsterdam currently. We’re no strangers to Taiko nor to the Conservatorium Hotel. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s that chef Schilo van Coevorden is a master at creating stunning and elegant menus. This year for their signature Hanami menu, Schilo has created an all vegan menu. And we couldn’t wait to try. 

On the menu…

Amsterdam may be a leading city when it comes to healthy options. We’ve got an array of restaurants serving vegan options nowadays, much more than we used to (five years ago options were limited) and thank god. But when it comes to vegan fine dining, serving exciting vegan combinations, there’s only a handful of restaurants that does this really well.

The vegan Hanami menu starts with a row of delightfully fresh dishes. From the Sakura spring fruits dishes of raspberry spaghetti coated in a delectable umami-flavoured sakura broth, to the light rhubarb and kohlrabi with ponzu – it’s a wonderful way to start the menu. We move on to the carrot tartare with wasabi, kalian kimchi and coriander sauce. Crunchy and spicy – this is certainly an interesting combination!

Taiko Vegan Sashimi Amsterdam Conservatorium Hotel

Taiko Vegan Fine Dining Menu Amsterdam Conservatorium Hotel

Taiko Vegan Menu Amsterdam Conservatorium Hotel

Vegan fast food

We move on to the seaweed pizza with soy moromi, sea kale and an algae emulsion. This is perfectly delectable. The crunchy texture of the rice wafer, added with the salty soy and algae emulsion and fresh notes of rice and yuzu gel. If this is vegan, sign me up for a daily dosis of this healthy pizza!

The iced thom ka yen is one of my favourites at Taiko. Its creamy (and icy) avocado flavours paired with a green curry, star anise and coriander make for an utterly exquisite dish. It’s creamy, it’s tangy, it’s crunchy. It’s one of those dishes you go back for. 

Taiko Vegan Fine Dining Pizza

Vegan Asian (street) food

Now when it comes to Asian food, or Asian street food, vegan doesn’t come up that often. That’s because it’s all about delicious, saucy meats in Asian food. But here we’re served a Shanghai bao bun with garlic – a fluffy bun with a fragrant and scrumptious garlic taste. Strangely enough, you don’t miss the meat here. The garlic is the highlight here.

We move on to the vegan sushi of blanched asparagus with gold and a roasted cauliflower with soy, hazelnut and miso. A wonderful combination. The next dish is a silken tofu with morel in a rich soy broth, mushroom XO sauce and an aubergine with Szechuan pepper sauce. Schilo makes reinventing food to vegan food look easy with these dishes and yet there’s nothing easy tasting to these dishes. It’s refined and elegant as we’re used to at Taiko.

Taiko Vegan Menu Amsterdam Conservatorium Hotel

Taiko Vegan Sushi Amsterdam Conservatorium Hotel

Vegan dessert

For dessert, we’re served a clear drop cake with almond milk and sakura mochi. Drop cake went viral two years ago and I’m excited to see the first offering in The Netherlands. It’s a light gelée based dessert and it pairs so well with sakura and almond milk. We finish off the menu with the cherry blossom chocolate dessert – a signature at Taiko. 

Our thoughts

The vegan Hanami at Taiko features stunning dishes one by one. It’s the vegan fine dining we’ve been waiting for. With exciting contrasted flavours and wild combinations, this is the first all-vegan menu in fine dining that we’re truly excited about.

You can find the vegan Hanami at Taiko at the Conservatorium Hotel at Van Baerlestraat 27.