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July 2017
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If there’s one thing I’m sure we’re all guilty of, it’s the fact that we don’t reflect on the past. Not enough at least. We keep on going and live from our calendar week after week. We go about in our everyday lives without thinking about how much we’ve grown in the past few weeks, months, years.

I started a habit this year of writing down my highlights every week. On Sunday I circle some events that were significant for a week and with a silver pen (just to make it prettier) I write down my achievements. Not that there’s much to achieve in a week. Some weeks I’ll just write down ‘was able to clean up my desk’. Other weeks I write down the things that make this week different from the last. Mostly, they’re things I’ve learned. I find that there’s a great achievement in learning new things. Especially in my line of work, where you’re your own boss and there’s no educational path set for you, you have to take control of your learning curve.

Looking back at this past year, I know there’s loads I can be proud of. As a perfectionist, I find it difficult still to own up to my own successes. Part of me sees plenty of room for improvement. Which is odd because I am always so quick to see the good in other people!

Taittinger Rose Moments

Taittinger Rose Moments

Taittinger Rose Moments Oud Reuchlin Boelen

So here’s to my small victories.

1./ I am a thirty-something (and I’m loving it)

I used to think that being in your twenties was all that mattered and everything after would just go downhill. But I wouldn’t want to trade my life now for my twenties! I am more confident, business-savvy, comfortable in my own skin. Yeah, I’d say this is a victory!

2./ I am growing as a creative artist

With every photography assignment I get and every blog opportunity, I try to challenge myself. Sometimes it means staying up all night trying to figure out new techniques. But the moment of accomplishing a task – that is worth every tedious second! Looking back at my past work, I am proud of a lot of things. My visuals for the blog, my photography work for clients. It’s all part of my belief that you only grow by seeking your limits and learning new things.

3./ I am grateful for what I have

I guess it’s easy with a busy schedule to take things for granted in life. I am grateful for having my friends and family around me. I am grateful for all the things that life has given me. For the opportunities and all the times I got them through the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes it only takes one different opinion to change things in life.

Taittinger Rose Moments Oud Reuchlin Boelen

Taittinger Rose Moments Oud Reuchlin Boelen

This is what I want you to do every month.

1./ Write down three accomplishments you’re proud of

It can be anything from handing in an assignment after a month of labor, discovering a new video editing technique or a selfless act for another person this month.

2./ Circle the things in your calendar or planner that made you happy

This is also one of the things I like to do every month. I take a pink pen and make all events visible that I loved. Not only does it brighten up your planner, you’re also creating a happiness map!

3./ Reflect (and celebrate)

Look back at your past accomplishments and your happy moments. There’s always going to be room for improvement, but realize that you’re growing. And growing means getting one step closer to where you want to be ultimately. There’s going to be moments where you’ll want to reflect on how to get there and what you need to do for it. But for now, simply reflect on the memorable moments. Small victories that will give you the energy to continue your journey. Victories that will give you the strength when you need it most later.

Victories worth celebrating, no matter how small.

Taittinger Rose Moments Oud Reuchlin Boelen