A Taste Of Sushisamba

Sushisamba Amsterdam

Sushisamba Amsterdam

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February 2019

We recently revisited Sushisamba in Amsterdam to get a taste of their menu one year after the opening. Sushisamba was a highly anticipated opening back in fall 2017. When we went in for our first article, we loved the exciting blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine. It was a combination we hadn’t seen before in Amsterdam – and now we can’t imagine Amsterdam without it. Needless to say, we had to go in for another try – to explore more of the menu and to, simply put, just enjoy.

Sushisamba Amsterdam

Sushisamba Amsterdam

Some bites to start with…

Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted by a bright and colourful interior of orange and wooden tones, large open windows filling the restaurant with light and playful tiling to underline the vivacious spirit of the restaurant. By the sushi bar, the stunning iconic Sushisamba tree overlooks the restaurant and sets to tone for its Japanese influences. We get a seat by the windows, with a perfect view on the canal.

We start our lunch with some bites from the menu. The crispy yellowtail taquitos with avocado and a foam of roasted corn miso – one of our favourites from our last visit. Its tangy and creamy bite make this the perfect starter to any meal. The wagyu gyoza are scrumptious and satisfying. And then there’s the green bean tempura with truffle aioli – that aioli though. I need to get my hands on the recipe! We end the starters with a colourful plate of Samba salad with truffle ponzu and mango dressing – lovely and fresh. 

Sushisamba Amsterdam

Sushisamba Amsterdam

Sushisamba Amsterdam Salad

Sushisamba Amsterdam Negitoro

Raw & mains

We move on to the raw side of the menu, with two wonderful negitoro dishes. A negitoro handroll and the toro tiradito with yuzu soy, wasabi pickle, black truffle and yuzu caviar. Creamy, rich – it’s the kind of food you choose for your last supper. Utterly satisfying. 

To go with the dishes, we’re served the new Sambatini (a new cocktail created by the bar team every month). It’s a creamy and fruity coconut cocktail with an elegant finish. It’s among one of the smoothest cocktails I’ve had so far.

Moving on to the mains, we’re served the mackerel from the robata (grilled to perfection) and one of my new favourites – the lamb chop with coconut and red miso. The sweet coconut notes, savoury hints of miso and hearty flavour of the lamb chop make for a wild but beautiful pairing.

Sushisamba Amsterdam cocktail

Sushisamba Amsterdam Toro

Sushisamba Amsterdam Cocktails

Sushisamba Amsterdam Robata

Sushisamba Amsterdam Nigiri Omakase

Time for sushi

As if we haven’t had enough food at this point – we’re now served the sushi side of the menu. From the colourful Samba Amsterdam roll with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, red onion, cancha corn and aji amarillo leche de tigre to the beautiful tiger maki roll with cram, tiger prawn, tempura, wasabi mayo and a beetroot yogurt soy reduction. The maki rolls may be filled with more ingredients than you’re used to in a regular maki, but they sing with such harmony, that you just don’t want to stop eating. And to top it off, we’re served the nigiri Omakase – a nice and refined end of the lunch. 

Sushisamba Amsterdam

Sushisamba Amsterdam Tiger Maki

Sushisamba Amsterdam Dessert


Before we head out, we get another taste of the Welcome to the rain forest dessert – the one we had last time as well. The bitter notes of the asháninka chocolate add the right balance to the sweetness of the vanilla cream, macadamia and sugarcane dessert. 

Find Sushisamba Amsterdam at Max Euweplein 64 in the city center.