The Art Of Fast Living

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August 2017

It’s odd how the moment you start getting busy, real busy, you are finally getting things done. A lot of things.

I recently started on a new project that has been keeping me busy for four days a week now. I was afraid that it would make me drown in my own work. Which – quite frankly – is still the case (I have the habit of taking on too much work). But the accelerated pace has made me much more decisive and my time efficiency has never been better.

I guess somewhere between peace and chaos there’s a state in which you work most optimal and you’re able to thrive off of an energy that normally isn’t present in quieter times.

Here’s when the art of fast living could work for you.

1. You are an indecisive person
This is me. I over contemplate things. Before I have made my decision, I have missed the momentum and I’m stuck with the consequences. In this case, taking on a higher workload can be good because it makes you focus more clearly and you’re able to cut the chord without wasting time going back and forth for nothing.

2. You are a procrastinator
While I think I am an organized person, I am also a person who tends to put off things until the very last minute. In this case, it’s good to have a fast pace in your life because you will have no other option but to finish your tasks. I am getting the same (if not, more) amount of photography work done in a week with a four-day project than without.

3. You don’t prioritize
I like to think that we can all set our priorities, but often times we don’t. We let all incoming emails pause our work, every notification on social media – every WhatsApp message is an invite to a new conversation. I may be answering my messages slower now but I am working more time efficiently than before and I am getting the more important tasks done.

Are you a fast-living soul? Would the art of fast living work for you? I’d love to know!