The Avocado Show (A First Look)

The Avocado Show Amsterdam



(A First Look)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 20 March 2017

One of the most talked about openings this week in Amsterdam, is the opening of The Avocado Show, one of the first all-avocado restaurants in the world. On the opening day, we hopped in to sample a couple of the dishes.

There’s a constant waiting line of avocado lovers. It’s unbelievable how the restaurant was able to create such a buzz in such a short time. Waiting in line were locals and tourists, individuals and groups. 

I was late for a meeting so I had to keep it short. There will be a more elaborate post up this week – promised!

We sampled the avocado rose on a rice cracker. This is such a stunner that I reckon all food photographers will want to capture (delicious as well). 

A big shout out has to go out to my fellow blogger Colette Dike (Fooddeco on Instagram), who is the creator of the avocado garden, also featured on The Avocado Show’s menu.

Is the restaurant worthy of the current hype? I’d say it is. Dishes are simple and lovely and beautifully plated as well. And the restaurant has a killer interior with lush pink velvet couches that is going to be the perfect backdrop for your instagram posts. Avocados aren’t the cheapest ingredients so prices are high on the menu. We can’t wait to go back to sample more from the menu (avocado ice cream anyone?).

The Avocado Show Amsterdam