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February 2019

When you’ve garnered drawers full of beauty products over the years, it’s time to Marie Kondo your vanity and clean out all the items you’ve never or barely used over the years. It’s time for a beauty cut. Here are the essentials every woman needs.

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1. Skincare

Start with your skincare regimen. A good skincare routine is key. Not everyone has time for a ten step skincare routine. But you should always have basics that can help improve your skin over time. Start with a face wash, a lotion and a cream. And build your routine from there. 

2. Brushes

Invest in a decent set of brushes. Good quality brushes are hard to come by and it can make all the difference. A quality brush can help apply your make up better and smoother. There’s no point in buying hundreds of Euros worth of beauty products if you don’t have a decent set of brushes to apply your make up with. Look up brands with good reviews and start investing. 

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3. Lipsticks

Every woman needs to have a go-to lip color. Preferably two tones: a my-lips-but-better tone – the lipstick you’ll carry with you at all times. The color that makes your lips pop all day every day. And then there’s the fierce red lipstick every woman needs. Find your best matches in store and ask for advice to help determine which tones fit best with your skin tone. As a rule, your mlbb shade should be a more saturated shade of your lip color. And the red shade should be warm-toned if you have yellow undertones in your skin, and cool-toned if you have pink undertones in your skin.

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4. Eyes

Every woman has a standard eye look. Whether it’s a natural shade applied to the creases, a standard cat-eye with ink liner or a smokey eye – there’s always a go-to look that you know fits your face and look best. Look for essentials that help achieve this look best. Sure, you’re going to want to have glitters on your eyes on some nights – just don’t splurge a whole lot in items you know you’re only going to wear occasionally. 

5. Face

Finally, know your face. First off, know what foundation color matches your skin tone. Your face is the canvas of your make up look. Determine the right shade for your skin by testing colours on your arm wrist and right above your jawline. Once you’ve found the shade that matches your skin tone, you can continue your search for the shade to sculpt your face with. A bronzer should be one or two shades darker than your own skin tone, depending on how sculpted you want your face to look. Finally, find your perfect blush shade. A blush can add live to your face or it can drag it. Knowing just the right shade of pink or mauve can be defining for your make up look. 

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