The Duchess (Breakfast)

The Duchess W Hotel Amsterdam Breakfast

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


food | 17 October 2016

The Duchess Amsterdam W Hotel

The importance of breakfast – there’s plenty of reasons why you need breakfast (it’s the most important meal of the day with reason) but we’ve summed up five for you:

1. It is an energy boost at the start of your day. Eggs for instance are packed with protein and amino acids. Try to take in as many nutrients as you can in the morning. Eggs, whole grains for a healthy heart and digestive tract and fruits for your daily dosis of vitamins.

2. It jumpstarts your metabolism. When you sleep, your metabolism slows down. When you start off with a healthy breakfast, you’re allowing your body to burn through calories from early in the morning.

3. It keeps you from in-between snacks. Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast helps you plan and portion out your meals for the entire day. You won’t be tempted to binge eat or crave for in-between snacks, both of which are unhealthy eating habits that can lead you to ignore nutritional food.

4. It lowers your cholesterol. Skipping breakfast causes a reaction in your body that makes you slow down your metabolism, causing fat to be stored longer in your body. This causes overeating which in turn results in gaining weight and your cholesterol going up.

5. It gives you a sharper focus throughout the day. By eating breakfast every morning, you are more focused and productive throughout the day, which means actually getting things done. And really, isn’t that what we all need?

The Duchess Amsterdam W Hotel

One things that K and I like to do on Saturday mornings, is go out for breakfast. 

There’s just something about the peace and quiet in the city that is quite magical in the morning. And starting the day fresh with a full on breakfast menu is a guarantee to a great weekend.

Last weekend we went for breakfast at the W Hotel’s The Duchess. The interior is a stunning French chic design with cute tiles and marble tables and walls everywhere (another instagrammable place). 

On the menu there’s plenty to pick from: eggs Benedict, french toast, pastries, yogurt with berries and a whole pantry of fresh juices.  

Our favorite was the poached egg in cherry tomato fondue – a sweet and savory dish that is just perfect before your early morning shopping spree.

The Duchess Amsterdam Breakfast

The Duchess Amsterdam W Hotel