The Key To Red Lips

The Key To Red Lips


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 27 February 2017

Rocking A Red Lip

The key to red lips isn’t just getting the right lipstick – it’s knowing how to apply it as well. Of all the lip colors I have in my stash, red is the most prominent. In my opinion there is no color more fierce than the color red. It’s fiery, passionate, seductive. Plus, it wears well on yellow-toned skin. Here’s a guide to how to correctly apply red lipstick!

1. Find the perfect red shade. Red comes in so many different shades that it will be difficult for you to pick out the one that is perfect for you. As a rule of thumb, cooler shades are best suited on cooler-toned skin and warmer shades are best for warmer-toned skin. Always swatch a lipstick on your skin before buying.

2. Apply a first layer by dotting the lipstick on your lips. You don’t have to define the lines yet – just make sure you cover the inner part of your lips. 

3. Define your lip shape by lining your lips with a lipliner. If you have smaller lips and you want to create more volume, try lining on the lines of your lips instead of inside. This will give you the effect of bigger lips (but you won’t be exaggerating your natural shape in any way).

4. Put a (thin) sheet of tissue over your lips and using a brush, powder the surface of your lips. This technique will make your lipstick last longer.

5. Apply a second layer of lipstick. Blot your lips or add a glass on top for a bit of shine.

Good luck!

Rocking A Red Lip

  • Love red lip but sometimes I feel it is too drastic on me. Have Dior Rouge 999 and oh it is so read, love it! Red lip really suits you:) xx

    • Thank you! I’m sure red lips look great on you too! I’m going to look up that shade – I’m always in for a new red!
      Have a good day!