The Lightness of Being


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The Lightness Of Being

In a time where we are Marie Kondo-ing our entire wardrobe, while we’re lusting over far too expensive statement items at the same time, it seems as if our generation is acting and wishing in contradictory ways. But what is new.

Fashion seems to have reached a point where we’re most at odds with each other. We adore designer items and yet the minute Zara’s new collection is out, we take a peak at whatever affordable designs we can add to our closet. We are vocal about copycats on the market and yet when that ball-heeled slipper is about a fraction of the price of a Rejina Pyo, we flock to the streets (or open our apps) to get a pair. And why not. The market is as wide open as it has ever been. While decades ago, designer collections were released in modest numbers every season and you paid for exclusivity, design and craftsmanship, nowadays brands can’t even hold a promise on the three.

And it’s all because of fast fashion – they say.

I’m sure it has had its influence on the course fashion has gone over the years. But in its core, it’s also just about the lack of design. A lack of personality and vision for a brand’s identity. With one of the greats gone (you will be missed, Karl), Hedi Slimane slowly butchering one of fashion’s favourite brands, high street fashion still going strong with Virgil and Balenciaga dividing a nation (you either love it or you mock it), fashion seems to be at its most extreme.

And the ever unanswered question begs – what is fashion?

Maticevski Crop Top

Whatever the answer is, we’re keeping an eye out for a new rising order in fashion. Unconstrained by old rules and forms, up-and-coming fashion artists are creating exciting fashion that is affordable no less. Starting out the way the old guard did.┬áBy enticing the masses with architectural designs and a vision fashion powerhouses are now often lacking. And through their (still) reserved statuses, they’re able to offer a certain exclusivity. Actually adding value to an otherwise saturated landscape.

These new vanguard brands are taking a place between the fashion powerhouses we know and love and the highest ranks of fast fashion. Making the boundaries between the two ends even more obscure perhaps, but for the first time adding a balance of sorts. A pleasing lightness in today’s disrupted state.

Maticevski Crop Top

IGRIEN LIU photography & styling
ROBIN MAKKES model via Ulla Models