The Peninsula Beverly Hills Roof Garden

The Peninsula Beverly Hills Roof Garden

We arrive at The Peninsula Beverly Hills on a sunny Friday afternoon, ready for
a lunch at The Roof Garden. The whole morning we had spent strolling through the
galleries at the Getty Center, going from one Manet to another. We even found a
Van Gogh, Irises, much to our surprise. I don’t know, there’s just something purely
magical about spending your time between impressionists. At work, we deal with
deadlines, a heavy workload, office politics. And we like the thrill of it, the chasing
after things and getting things done. But then there are days you just want to sit down
and relax. Do absolutely nothing but enjoy the finer things in life. Art, food, good food.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills Roof Garden
The Peninsula Beverly Hills Roof Garden Lili salad

The Roof Garden is a popular dining spot, often frequented by Beverly Hills
residents. The restaurant serves fresh and healthy Californian cuisine. We start
with a basket of assorted breads and lovely cheese tuiles. For our entrée, we order
the Lili salad, a salad with dungeness crab, arugula, raspberry, feta egg, grapefruit
and cucumber. You can’t go wrong with dungeness crab in my book. The crab was
paired nicely with the grapefruit and cucumbers. Upon recommendation, we also
order the Ahi tuna chop chop, a tuna salad with beautifully sliced avocado, a
pineapple crisp and fresh herbs. Both dishes were perfectly refreshing.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills Roof Garden Ahi tuna

LA Peninsula Beverly Hills Rooftop Lunch Los Angeles

For our main, we order the Grilled Faroe Island salmon, a pan-seared salmon
paired with pears, sitting on a salad of radicchio, mizuna, pine nuts and a blue
cheese dressing. A beautiful summer dish. For our second main we order the
Citrus marinated prawns, grilled prawns and pineapples with heirloom
tomatoes and a macadamia-lemon vinaigrette.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills Roof Garden salmon
The Peninsula Beverly Hills Roof Garden prawns
The Peninsula Beverly Hills Roof Garden dessert baileys chocolate

Now here comes our favourite: dessert (surprise, surprise)! I am a dessert girl
so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this was my absolute favourite. This was
a lovely Baileys cream with a dark chocolate crumb, ice cream and fresh berries.
As George from Australia’s Masterchef would say: yum! This is one of those
dishes you have and never forget. And served in a cute little mason jar.. the
world is making sense again.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills Roof Garden

Find the Peninsula Beverly Hills Roof Garden at:
9882 South Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA
Open daily from 7am – 9pm

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