The Perfect Serve for Chinese New Year


food | 23 January 2017
Created for: Boomsma Gin
Photography & cinemagraphy: Studio Igrien

Boomsma Gin Studio Igrien The Avantguardian

The holiday season may have ended for the rest of the world, but for the Asian world, the festivities are just about to start. This year, Chinese new year falls on the 27th of January. This means we get to have another round of feasts with our family and friends soon. Not something I am particularly excited about. Having two grand feasts follow each other up within that short amount of time can never be good for anyone’s diet. But then, the thought of crispy pork belly and crispy Peking duck (the Chinese love crispy) does make even the biggest health freak yield. 

With Chinese feasts, I always find it difficult to find the right drink pairings. This year I may go for something slightly less traditional. Our family feasts are always a mix of Chinese and Indonesian cuisine. Our perfect serve has to be aromatic enough on its own to be able to stand with the rich flavors of those cuisine but it has to be able to complement those exotic flavors as well. This year we’re serving Boomsma Gin in a simple but rich drink. The licorice undertones of the gin will pair beautifully with the many star anise aromas of Indonesian cuisine, while the citrus notes will add a lovely contrast to the spices and herbs. Here’s how we’re serving it.

Happy Chinese new year!

Recipe: The Perfect Serve

35 ml Boomsma Dry Gin
100 ml Premium Tonic Water
A handful of blueberries


Fill a gin glass with ice cubes
Pour in the gin and the tonic water
Garnish with blueberries
Enjoy the drink (and the rest of the blueberries)