Things To Do in London (part 2)

Things To Do in London

I’m sure by now you’ve read the first part (why wouldn’t you have? ;)) – this post features the second part of my Things To Do In London series!

11. Have English Breakfast

I wrote about it already in a previous post this week: English breakfast! Have an English breakfast at least once during your trip! And get the whole she-bang of fried eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast, bacon, potatoes and – my favourite – beans! An English breakfast is never complete without English tea so order that instead of your regular coffee!

The Breakfast Club London

12. Swim in the Thames

Just kidding – I don’t even know if you’re allowed. Walking along the Thames will be just fine. It’s not the prettiest river, granted, but since chances are you’ll be there already (for the Borough Market, Millennium Bridge etc), you might as well enjoy the Thames path as well!

13. Visit the Borough Market

Long before Amsterdam had Foodhallen, London already had the Borough Market. Enjoy pastries, breads, burgers, German sausages, mulled wines, cheeses, smoked salmon and whatnots! Don’t come here after lunch – this is your lunch!

Borough Market London

Borough Market London

Borough Market London

Borough Market London

14. Tate Modern & Millennium Bridge

First visit Tate Modern. The museum features iconic art throughout history, from Giacometti to Monet to Rothko. Check out this post featuring some of my favourite works from the museum! In the museum, don’t forget to have a drink in the cafe on the third floor where you’ll have a spectacular view on St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Cy Twombly - Untitled (Bacchus) Cy Twombly - Untitled (Bacchus)

…and then walk the Millennium Bridge! In my opinion, one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. The steel suspension bridge links the Bankside to the City of London. Might want to get your wands out for a Dementors attack though, they have been spotted in the area!

Millennium Bridge

15. Have a coffee at Monmouth Coffee

A very hip and trendy coffee company, Monmouth Coffee is packed all through the day. We even witnessed lines crowds of people waiting to get in. Order a flat white and a croissant to go. We had no idea what a flat idea was, I don’t think we have this in the Netherlands. Basically it’s a double shot of espresso (sometimes ristretto espresso). It’s similar to a cappuccino or latte but it’s smaller in volume, which gives it a higher proportion of coffee to milk. The milk is velvety, allowing the espresso to dominate the flavour. I’m no coffee connoisseur, but this was good.

Monmouth Coffee London

Monmouth Coffee London

Monmouth Coffee London

Monmouth Coffee London

16. Visit Camden Town

No visit to London is complete without a visit to Camden Town. Camden is known for its street markets selling anything from books, fashion, antiques to food. Don’t fancy the markets? There are lots of restaurants, pubs and cafes as well!

Camden Town food

17. Have a burger and a lobster at Burger & Lobster

Not the healthiest kind of food you could imagine, but goddammit I had me a meal at this place (and I’m no big eater usually). There are three things on the menu only: a beef burger, lobster or a lobster roll. We went with the burger and lobster. The burger was juicy and one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time. The lobster was,.. well can’t really go wrong with a lobster can you? The place is packed with Asians by the way, fully packed!

Burger & Lobster London

Burger & Lobster London

Burger & Lobster London

Burger & Lobster London

18. Regent’s Park

One of the best walks we did when we were in London this year, was from Oxford Street all the way up to Bond Street. On Bond Street, take a turn to Regent’s Park. You’ll come across some of the loveliest shops (and houses!) on your way. You’ll find Regent’s Park at the end (you can’t miss it). It’s the kind of park where I imagine you can just find a bench, take your book out and read it without being disturbed by people. A lovely park, all in the midst of the city. From Regent’s Park, we walked up to Camden Town. If you’re really up for it, finish it off with an afternoon at Primrose Hill.

Regent's Park London

Regent's Park London

19. Go shopping in Oxford Street!

I realize I made this list in no particular order. Oxford Street is where you want to be for some serious shopping! If, you don’t mind all the (other) tourists. First shop I always hit: Topshop (since we only have a limited collection in the Netherlands). Tired of shopping all floors? Have a cupcake at Lola’s on the ground floor!

Oxford Street London

20. Discover

Last but not least, whatever you want to do, London is big enough for a lifetime of discovering. So don’t go planning your trip by the minute. Just take a walk in the city and discover London bit by bit. Since this will be my last London post for now (I figured I may have spammed you guys with my London posts too much already), I want to share these last photos of a lovely last evening we enjoyed in the city. We went and had dinner at Eat Tokyo, where we enjoyed an obscene amount of otoro (hey, we almost don’t have it over here!). I didn’t want to keep these photos from you. I hope you enjoyed the posts. Thank you for reading and until next time!

Eat Tokyo London

Eat Tokyo London

Eat Tokyo London

Eat Tokyo London

  • Lovely pictures and you look beautiful <3

  • Charlie D

    I love your shoes, such a festive colour ! I’ve turned vegan so the english breakfast isn’t really a thing for me anymore but I used to love me some bacon eggs and toast in the morning ! Camden is definitely my favourite place in London so far ! I remember being completely blown away by Cyberdog as well, it’s quite an experience ! I have never been in a shop like this one before or since haha !

    Charlie xx

    • Thanks Charlie!
      I love Camden and I wish I could go back this instant! London just has that magical feeling that just draws you in, doesn’t it?

  • Rhea

    Too many yummy food pictures, got me craving for everything. You look lovely!

  • Diana Gavrilina

    Love your looks! and happy you enjoyed London, ive been living here for so many years and theres still so much to discover x

  • Rachel Koh

    Again, missing the point of your post but I have to ask where you got your scarf! It looks so versatile and chic and it would be such a staple in my winter wardrobe.

    xo, Rach

    • Thanks Rachel! The scarf is from Zara’s winter collection. I bet it’s still in store now. Bought mine about a month ago! Hope that helps!

  • wendy

    I ever been in London, but soon I definitely will go. So thanks for all those great tips and nice pictures! <3


    • Thanks Wendy! Do go! Of all the places I have been, I enjoy London the most! There’s just so much to discover there!

  • Jennifer Rose

    Heading to London on the 26th so I really enjoyed your tips! Thanks