Why Your Thirties Is The Golden Age

The Avantguardian Igrien

(coming from a thirty-something)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 12 June 2017

I turned 31 back in February. The big 3-0 used to scare me so much I was worried it would change me for the worse. Wrinkles (no signs yet), becoming boring (Netflix on Fridays, yeah I’m good with that!), actually having to act like a grownup (still working on this). There may be a part of me that still longs for the twenties but I wouldn’t trade where I am now for it. Here’s why your thirties is the golden age of your life!

1. You’ve seen it all. Coming from a thirty-something, that is an incredibly bold statement. But at this point in your life, you probably have about five years of professional working experience. You know your work around the corporate jungle, you’re earning well above average and you know how to spend it (and spent it you have). In your thirties, nothing fazes you anymore. You laugh at the insignificant problems you used to have in your twenties! You know how to run your life now and you do it like a boss.

2. You know who you are. You may have spent a large part of your life in search for your identity, but in your thirties, you are pretty much aware of your strengths and imperfections. You know how to work your assets and accept that you are flawed. You know your body and you’re finally comfortable in your own skin. No more hiding in plain sight – this is you, and the world can see it.

3. Zero f*cks given. Not one, nothing, nada. All your life you’ve been trying to please others and how you were viewed by the world mattered to you. In your thirties, you’ll have none of that anymore. You are doing things for yourself and you’re not apologizing to the world for not being the person they want you to be. 

4. You’ve got style. All the years of experimenting with the latest trends and feeling insecure in your own clothes are part of the past. You know what items work best for your body and you know how to rock an incredible red lip.

5. You know what you want. We all have to start somewhere but where we start doesn’t necessarily have to be where we want to end. I started my career as a tax lawyer – that seems ages ago now. I can’t imagine my life without my camera now. That’s what your thirties will be to you – a life-changing point. You find out where you want to go and you go for it.

And that brings me to this. This is the prime time of your life. The point where life is giving you the reins and you can start leading the wagon. You can choose to dwell in the youthful and careless years of your twenties. But you can also start to build something. A career, a house, a family, a business of your own. Something that will mark your thirties as the start of a most exciting and defining period of your life. Twenties are child’s play compared to now – this is where it begins.

The Avantguardian Igrien

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