Thrill Grill Food Truck

So after Thursday’s post, I was finally able to get a taste of the burger from the Thrill Grill food truck downstairs. The Thrill Grill food truck is
an idea that comes from chef Joeri Rijneveld. Joeri quickly discovered the beauty of street food vendors while living in Asia. If you’ve ever been to Asia, you know (and have probably come to love) street food vendors. Almost everywhere you go in Asia, you will find food vendors on the street with culinary delicacies ranging from spicy chili crab in Singapore to a pocket of stinky tofu from vendors in China or Hong Kong. Oh how much I’d love to go back soon! Anyway, that’s how Joeri started his Thrill Grill food truck. Why have the awful hot dogs from the vendors at Dam Square when you can have great culinary burgers with Thrill Grill. With the best meat, cheese, secret sauce and bread, this is supposed to be the best burger on wheels. But is it?


I tried a ‘Thriller’ burger on Friday night. I was hungry, I had been longing for the thing all week, so really I could not wait to take a bite out of this EUR 7 baby. Here’s the burger in a paper wrap:


First of all, I loved the sauce. The sauce had the right balance of sweet with a tangy hint and was the perfect companion to the meat. And the meat, oh the meat! It was big and it was juicy. What can I say, it was a beautifully grounded piece of meat (and I love my meats). Could it have been more rare? A little. The meat was a tad overcooked for me, but that’s just because I really like my burgers medium rare. The burger was furthermore filled with lettuce, cheese, tomato, red onions, pickles and bacon. The saltiness of the crispy bacon bits lifted the burger to a whole other level. The bites with the bacon were definitely the better bites.

But then the buns. I’m a stickler when it comes to burgers and I’m going to be harsh on this one. If there’s one thing that can ruin a good burger, it’s the buns. You never want your buns to be dry, chewy or too big. In this case, it was a combination of dry and chewy, as if the buns had been pre-toasted and had been sitting on the counter for a while. Which was a disappointment to me because everything else was good.


So what’s the verdict? I had been looking forward to this burger all week and when I discovered Dutch Michelin star chef Robert Kranenborg was involved with the Thrill Grill food truck, I have to admit I expected somewhat of an elevating experience. More exotic ingredients perhaps, a deconstructed version of the traditional burger or a varied selection of toppings. But with none of that, I was still excited to try it. A good burger is a good burger and does not need all the fancy-schmancy. The meat was delicious and the sauce leaves you wanting for more after every bite. The bacon was a great topping as well. Less the buns, I thought it was a good burger. But every good burger needs good buns and I felt the dry buns could not be overlooked.

Maybe Joeri was having an off-day on Friday. Maybe I just didn’t get to eat the burger everybody else had and were raving about. Regardless of all, I do commend Joeri for starting his Thrill Grill food truck. Every chef that sets out to change the food scene in a tiny country like the Netherlands, with a food truck no less, is a chef I’ll always be rooting for, dry bun or not.


It is unknown where the food truck can be found next. I only bumped into it by coincidence. But check out their Facebook page and website for more updates.