Time for a break



December 2017

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. Although, I may be taking things a bit slower during the holidays (family dinners, loads of food, doing absolutely nothing – you know the drill!).

This year has been ridiculously hectic. From content creating projects to one photography shoot after another for weeks on – it’s a miracle I’m still standing. But I am and I’m exhausted! Today’s the first day I freed my agenda of responsibilities and I was able to breath again (and it felt good).

In our busy lives, we often forget to take a step back and relax for a moment. To take a moment for ourselves, get our thoughts together. 

I stopped my traveling schedule since this summer because with way too much on my plate, I couldn’t lose any time at all. At least, that’s how I felt. But come new year, I’ll definitely be back on the road again. To photograph, to write, to tell you guys stories. And to for a moment, break away from the routine of working life. Which isn’t a luxury really – it’s a necessity from time to time.

So my advice for the new year to all of you busy gals – take that trip that you’ve always wanted to take next year. Or do a surprise trip (like I did back in August) where you go somewhere with absolutely no planning (and thus full freedom). Or gift (since it’s the season of giving) someone in serious need of a break a srprs.me trip giftcard perhaps.

Because chances are, through the hectic lives we lead, you (or your friends) could use some time off now.

Happy holidays guys – see you back here soon!