Top Bali Instagram Drone Photography Spots

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October 2018

Created for Cathay Pacific

You may have seen our Bali series already on Instagram. We partnered up with Cathay Pacific again for a travel editorial. In this travel editorial, we’re guiding you to the top Bali Instagram drone photography spots. Bali is an island where there’s so much to discover and in recent years, Bali has grown exponentially, both in travel opportunities and tourists. We actually found it quite difficult to navigate through the masses ourselves! If you want to make your Bali photos stand out, our tip is to take a drone with you. Bali’s lush landscapes make for uniquely abstract photos and you aren’t limited by tourists crowds. Here’s our favourite Bali drone photography spots. We wanted to steer away from tourist traps and include unique and creative shots. These seven shots are easy to access, drone worthy and totally instagrammable. Here we go!

bali instagram drone photography

Photo #1: Sky, sea and land

Your first Bali instagram drone photography shot is inevitably going to feature the beach and the sea. I stumbled on this idea when I was testing out the drone on Padang Beach. The first shots came out beautifully abstract and captured an almost perfect sense of life. The photo shows one of the stunning landscapes in Bali: velvety blue skies, a crystal clear blue ocean and white sandy beaches. It is oddly peaceful and tranquil. You can try to take this photo with a camera, but move your drone up in the air for a larger ocean surface. The symmetry of the three different surfaces create a gorgeous canvas. A highly instagrammable Bali drone shot if you ask me and a shot well worth printing out to decorate your living room wall! Bali instagram drone photography shot #1: done.

bali instagram drone photography

Photo #2: The pool selfie 

Now this is an easy one because this shot can be taken anywhere. With all the resorts, beach villas and beach clubs in Bali, chances are you’re staying at a place with a pool or you’re going to hit a beach club with a pool. While poolside selfies are great, you’re going to really stand out with a drone photo of you in a swimming pool. For the best shots, make sure the pool is empty and has a nice looking area surround the pool. This is a shot that requires help – you don’t want to get your drone control wet so ask an assistant (or preferably, your Instagram husband). Have your assistant position himself a couple of meters away from the pool, fly the drone up, toggle the drone to an upright position and pose in a fabulous position in the pool. This Bali instagram drone photography shot #2 is going to up your Instagram selfie game for sure

bali instagram drone photography

Photo #3: The beach abstract

In Bali, you cannot get away with just one beach shot – you’ve got to have plenty. This shot was taken at Pandawa beach. Bali is home to many beaches and where beaches in Seminyak are mostly crowded, you’ll find yourself in much more peace in Uluwatu, the Southside of the island. Pandawa beach is popular among tourists, but it has a wide enough stretch so it’s not as crowded as other beaches. Take your drone with you here and take a drone photo with an downwards angle. With the incoming waves, the shoreline and sunbathing crowd, it creates the perfect beach abstract. This is one of my favourite Bali drone shot.

Even better is if you are able to snap a photo with an almost symmetrical line of beach chairs and tables. Jimbaran beach is perfect for this. Jimbaran beach is a hotspot for seafood lovers. A ton of restaurants are lined up against the shore, ready to wait on seafood-loving tourists. The beach tables and chairs make for stunning abstract lines. It’s going to be hard to find a spot where all tables and chairs are lined up perfectly. But once you’ve found it – it’s an instagrammable money shot for sure. Bali instagram drone photography shot #3: done.

bali instagram drone photography

bali instagram drone photography

Photo #4: The Ubud rice fields

Iconic in Bali, are the rice fields in Ubud. The next time I go back to Bali, I am definitely spending more time in Ubud. One day is just not enough to explore the splendour and culture of this rural region. From trekking the Campuhan Ridge walk to the Tegalalang Rice terrace – every cab driver is able to take you to the stunning scenes of rice paddies. This was taken at Tegalalang Rice terrace. I would have flown the drown higher had it not been for the dark clouds that day and the drone losing signal continuously. I was able to take this shot though and I’m glad I did. It shows the beautifully carved out ridges, the rice paddies and the captivating green scenery. It makes for a more unique photo than the Ubud rice field swing! Bali instagram drone photography shot #4: done.

bali instagram drone photography

Photo #5: The Uluwatu sunset

By now, you’ll have noticed how much I love Uluwatu. It was my favourite spot in Bali because of the stunning landscapes. Uluwatu looks out on the Indian Ocean. Every spot in Uluwatu has a breathtaking view on the vastness of the ocean and clear skies above. And what better way to capture it than at sunset (and we know Instagram loves sunset photos!). One night we stayed out late to watch the sun setting on the island. It created an indigo canvas with golden hues. Words cannot express how magical that night looked and the photo doesn’t even do the scene justice. I flew out the drone into the Indian Ocean, far away into the horizon, closer to the freighter passing by. You can take this shot anywhere in Uluwatu but the best is to fly your drone from a cliff. Bali instagram drone photography shot #5: done.

Photo #6: The cliffside capture

There’s just something about the contrasts of land and sea that is so captivating in drone photography. Infamous in Bali are the cliffs in Uluwatu (there’s Uluwatu again). With the azure blue sea, waves crashing into the cliffs and land peaking from the side. This is a shot worth taking if you are residing in an Uluwatu resort or you’re visiting one. This was taken from our resort The Edge. The resort has an infinity pool with a glass bottom. With my fear of heights I wouldn’t even dare go near the pool. But take up the drone over the cliff – sure, no problem. Bali instagram drone photography shot #6: done.

bali instagram drone photography

bali instagram drone photography

Photo #7: The Nusa Penida T-Rex

One of the sites I definitely wanted to visit in Bali was Nusa Penida, an island just off shore from Bali. We took a day trip to the island to cruise the various sites. One of the popular sites was the T-Rex at Kelingking Secret Point beach – you may have seen it on Instagram already, where it’s featured by a ton of magazines and bloggers. The cliff is named the T-Rex due to its shape (imagine its head with mouth wide open). There were a ton of tourists taking a photo of the cliff. It was a gorgeous site. If I had more time, I would have loved trekking down the backside of the T-Rex to get a closer shot but our tour program was tight. My advice for Nusa Penida – try to book a full day at Kelingking so you get more time to explore. Bali instagram drone photography shot #7: done.

We hope this photographic editorial will inspire you in your travel photography journey on Bali. Good luck!