Trinity Hammock

With summer in full swing and rising temperatures here in Amsterdam, who wouldn’t want to lie back and relax in a hammock. I want this
hammock on my patio, asap. Alright I don’t have a patio, nor do I have a big backyard where I can put this beauty for everyone to see. But imagine cradling your sorrows away on this thing, or reading a book under the hexagon-shaped shade while sipping your Mai Tai.

While three is sometimes a crowd, this hammock seems to disagree. Founded by Gilbert Tourville, Trinity Hammocks specially designs triple hammocks that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. The hammocks are a modern twist to the traditional ones and even include a teak table hanging in the middle. This quilted (optional) beauty, named ‘Infinity’, does not come cheap though. An Infinity hammock will set you back USD 4,720 / EUR 3,800.

Trinity-Triple-Hammock-1 Trinity-Triple-Hammock-2 Trinity-Triple-Hammock-3 Trinity-Triple-Hammock-5 Trinity-Triple-Hammock-7 Trinity-Triple-Hammock-8 Trinity-Triple-Hammock-9Photos are courtesy of