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Tunes Bar Sushi
Tunes Bar Sushi
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When you walk into Tunes Bar in Amsterdam, the first thing you lock your eyes on is the gorgeous cabinet display behind the bar. The cabinet is filled with bottles of liquor, perfectly lined up next to each other, color coded even. For any OCD person (or alcoholic mind you), it’s pure heaven.

I love interior design and this cabinet was an eye-catcher that had me staring at it all night. God knows how many photos I took of it. 

We started off the night at Tunes Bar with some of the bar’s signature cocktails (Rhubarb Royale, Frozen Peach Bellini) and some gin & tonics. To go with the cocktails, we ordered the soft shell crab sushi (which was gone in a matter of seconds), a selection of salmon, hamachi and sweet shrimp nigiri, the toro sashimi, and the hamachi sashimi with jalapeño (a taste bomb – my personal favorite).

We ended on a very high note with a dessert of roasted banana, dulce de leche and young coconut, and we finished with a couple of cocktails made specially for us by the bartender. That’s how you know you’ve just entered a good cocktail bar – when they learn your palette and try to whip up something off cart they know you’ll love.

The night could have gone on forever if I didn’t have another shoot to do the next morning. I guess I’ll just have to go back to Tunes Bar again the next time I’m in Amsterdam.

Visit Tunes Bar at Amsterdam’s Conservatorium Hotel. 

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  • Dylana

    This place looks absolutely amazing!


    • I know right? And the cocktails were superb!
      Thanks for stopping by Dylana! <3

  • Wow this place looks incredible and I love the photos! Those cocktails look yummy! 🙂 x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    • Thanks Jenny!
      The cocktails were amazing.. I can’t wait to go back again soon!
      Thanks for stopping by Jenny and have a great day!

  • Tracy

    What a gorgeous looking bar! Must visit it next time when I’m in Amsterdam!

    Fashion Soup

    • Thanks Tracy! I kept staring at the design of the bar haha. I wouldn’t mind having a private bar like this in my own home! Thanks for stopping by Tracy! <3

  • Shoshana

    Wow, not only does the food look scrumptious but the cocktails look fantastic as well.

  • This place looks beautiful! I love the reflection on the table of all of the beautiful bottles! Have a great time in Amsterdam. It is a beautiful city!

    • Thanks Sharon! The minute I saw the reflection on the table I knew I had to take a photo!
      Thanks for stopping by Sharon! Enjoy your day today!

  • Amsterdam is at the very top of the places I want to visit one day <3 Your photos are amazing!! Thank you for this post

    • Ah definitely do go to Amsterdam one day – you’ll love it!
      Thanks for the love Louise and thanks for stopping by!

  • oh my god, this place looks amazing. I have to say Igrien, as a first time visitor, Amsterdam really treated me well. My trip was amazing 🙂 I’m definitely going to visit again, next time I’ll make sure I bookmark this place.

    • Ah glad to hear that Tiffany. Amsterdammers can be pretty rude and too direct but I’m happy you had a great time! Let me know the next time you visit. I’d be happy to give you some tips on local places to go!

  • Too bad I’m allergic to alcohol, but those bottles on the wall do look very enticing. And the sushi makes me hungry! Enjoying your Amsterdam posts 🙂

    • Ah too bad but it’s quite a good allergy I guess (better than being allergic to fruit – I met someone the other day who couldn’t eat most fruits!).
      Thanks for stopping by Mei – have a lovely day! <3

  • Shaira Manalo

    Ohhh, this looks really awesome. I want to visit this place soon. <3

    Have a nice day!



    • Thanks Shaira! Definitely visit this place when you’re in Amsterdam!
      I wish you a nice day too Shaira!

  • Great post, makes me want to go to Amsterdam again!

    • Haha, mission accomplished! I’m always happy when I can inspire people to go places 😉
      Have a lovely day dear! <3

  • This bar is gorgeous! I love all the bottles lined up beautifully, and the food looks amazing!

    • I know right, I wouldn’t mind having a bar of my own like this in my house!
      Thanks for stopping by Valerie! <3

  • Awww, this must be THE heaven on earth, Igrien! 😉 I love your fascinating photography, you’re so talented!! Another amazing spot I would love to visit. <3

    xoxo Ira

    • Ah thanks for the kind words Ira 🙂 I loved photographing this place. Sometimes the gorgeous design is all it takes to get a great photo!
      Have a lovely day Ira! 😀

      • It’s my pleasure, Igrien! Couldn’t agree with you more, I’ve made the same experience. 😉
        Have a fabulous weekend, dear!

        xoxo Ira

  • Oh wow, that cabinet is an eye-catcher indeed and you captured it very well! I’m also loving the cute Eames House Birds scattered left and right ♥

    • I didn’t know they were Eames! Now I regret not trying to steal one haha! I’m telling bf to build me a cabinet like this in our new house – it’s so pretty to look at!
      Have a great day Izzy!

  • Masha
  • Sounds like a really great place to hang out! Okay so fingers crossed I have the chance to go back Amsterdam soon 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    Real Life Nerd //

    • Nice! I hope you get to include this in your itinerary! 😀
      Thanks for stopping by Viviene – hope you have a great day!

  • I am jealous! Mouthwatering and the place looks dreamy! I love your photos, as always!