Turning 28

“Why do you come for me to wed? You can’t even make your own corn grain. Single I am and will remain; a lazy man I won’t maintain.” Veerle Baetens sings this line with such spirit that it sticks with you all day. This song makes me want to pick up my guitar and sing along with the song. If only I could play. And sing. I suffered from a sore throat this week. Usually it means you get to sing in a sexy, husky voice. For me, it was rather phlegmy and squeaky. Definitely not like Veerle and not at all sexy. Far from sounding human even. More like a shrieking cat or a howling wolf. If you’re into that sort of thing.


Turning 28 was something I was not looking forward to. How the hell did we get here? Do we get to go back, even just for a minute? The other day I found a picture of myself when I was four. I was sitting next to my grandmother and held a toy phone to my ear. The look on my face is priceless. Somehow it feels like it was all only yesterday. The past can sometimes feel so close while the present and future feel so, so far away. Whatever road I find myself taking in the (near) future, I must never forget that that road was paved by my mother, grandmother and so on. Coming to this country as mere immigrants who didn’t even speak the language and finding a way to live. No twenty-something-quarter-life-generation-y-millennial gets to have anything to say against that. Period.


A couple of rules to live by this year:
1. Dream
Dare to dream and dream big! No mountain is too high, no river too low and no dream too big 😉
2. Get. It. Done.
Work hard and never feel entitled. You aren’t there yet until you’re there.
3. Live.
Seize the moment. Do! Feel! Anything! Everything! Live =)
4. Do not give a shit.
Just don’t. It’s not worth the hassle.
5. Enjoy.
Whatever happens, cherish the moment, honor our loved ones and enjoy.


Zara Crop top
Mulberry Bayswater mini messenger bag
Zara Silver-thread / white A-line skirt
H&M Gold leaf bracelet
Mango Sunnies
Chanel Rouge Coco no. 31 Cambon
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