Up Close &..

Personal! So, I went totally AWOL there didn’t I? I was full on busy with the technical side of the blog. Who knew that keeping a blog would take up so much time. You have to know how to run a blog, fix glitches, have some idea of where those glitches exactly are, which is really what has been causing all the delay. Then there’s the actual writing. I have a dozen of drafts on numerous of topics that I haven’t posted yet. They are either not good enough or not relevant enough. But then I figured, why not just post everything and see how it all goes. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t. But if I never post anything, I’ll never know.


Two months have already passed. Which means that I have another month left before I start working again. I have been having the time of my life lately. The past few months have been really important to me. At first, I was drowning in the idea of being stuck in the life of a tax lawyer forever. Forever-ever! Don’t get me wrong. The job’s good, pays very well, gives you a thick skin and you learn a lot. I still think the job of a lawyer is one of the most kick ass jobs in the world. But it just wasn’t what I wanted anymore, not now at least. I was losing myself more and more and saw myself become this bitter, unhappy, lifeless version of myself. It was horrible. So the past few months I needed to rediscover myself. Trust me, I’m the last person to open up about these things, I’ll never get all mushy on you. All I want to say is, for the first time, I feel like it is okay to not want to be that person who I had always wanted to become. If you know what I mean 🙂

So, a friend of mine asked me for a more fashion-related post. Not one where I rave about collections, but one where I actually show myself and what I like and wear. I realize it takes a lot of cojones to open up yourself like that to your viewers. Especially for a completely shy person like myself. But I do admit that the blogs I like most are the blogs where the writers are most prepared to show themselves. So I’m trying something new here. The next challenge of course was to find someone willing to photograph me. I found K prepared to do this. If you know K even a little bit, you’ll know that he is the last person to ever do this! But I have to say, the pictures turned out quite well 😉






Racer top Alexander Wang Skirt Zara Pumps Bijenkorf Tote H&M Ring Versace Sunglass Asos Earrings Givenchy