Up In The Air

London, United Kingdom


life | 16 January 2017

Up In The Air

With two weeks into the new year already, I find myself looking back at past years again. So much has changed since last year and yet so much seems to have remained the same. What is it about the new year that forces you to reflect on your life. The amount of goals on my to do list from last year, still left unaccomplished. As if last year didn’t happen. Or somehow I lost track of time. One of my resolutions or goals this year is to take all tasks step by step. We’re not born super humans. Except for my mother – she’s a power house. Tackling one goal at a time makes a list manageable and it makes it easier to track your progress. So here’s to more doing and more tackling. And flying. Because sometimes you need a bird’s eye view to realize you have delivered on some goals – and some are still there for a reason.

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