Van Ness Cupcakes (Amsterdam)

After New York, I have been craving so much for cupcakes. Ever since, I have been on a search for a cupcake bakery in Amsterdam. I decided to try a bakery specializing in cupcakes only. This led me to Van Ness Cupcakes, a cupcake bakery owned by Vanessa Vos, who does not only greet you with a warm smile in her store, but also bakes the cupcakes herself.


Unable to resist the sweets (and how could I), I decided to order six flavors: Coconut, Red Velvet, S’More, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Baileys and Lemon Lime. I walked out of the store, happy as a clown. I was specially curious to see if they could meet the quality (spongy cake, perfectly whipped frosting) of the cupcakes I had had in New York.


As soon as I got home, I opened the box to sample one. Unfortunately, somehow, one of the cupcakes (the Chocolate Baileys) had flipped over on my way home. As a result, Baileys frosting had spread everywhere (!), mostly on my Coconut cupcake (yes, quite the disaster). I tried to salvage a part of the cupcakes as best as I could…but to no avail sadly!

Anyway, here are the cupcakes one by one:

Coconut – A buttery white cake covered with a sweet coconut cream frosting and coconut flake finish.

Red Velvet – A moist red spongy cupcake with a sweet cream cheese topping.

Cookies & Cream – A rich chocolate cake (with cookies a chocolate cookie crumble on the bottom) topped with an Oreo-flavored fluffy frosting.


Lemon Lime – An airy moist white cake topped with a fluffy tangy and sweet (but not too much) frosting.

I wasn’t able to get a good shot of the last two:

Chocolate Baileys – A rich chocolate cake topped with Baileys Irish cream liqueur frosting.

S’More – A rich chocolate cake with fluffy cream (and cookies and marshmallows on the bottom) and s’mores on top.

My absolute favorite has to be the Chocolate Baileys. It is an ode to the Irish cream liqueur, the fluffy topping melts in your mouth. And the chocolate cake is just, well it’s chocolate cake! It really does not get better than that 😉

You can find Van Ness Cupcakes at:
Spuistraat 232
1012 VV Amsterdam
020 – 22 35 814
The shop is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 6 pm!

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