Preppyfashionist Virgit in London

For the longest time, I was afraid of shooting people. I would go around town with my camera shooting landscapes, architecture, still life. But ask me to shoot people and I would make a run for it. I find shooting people way more challenging because you don’t just get a good shot by moving around your subject – you have to direct your subject. And you alone are responsible for the shoot and I knew I wasn’t up for it.

Then I got my hands on the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L for a day when I had to shoot for a wedding one day. And I completely fell in love with doing portraits. Of course it helps that that lens lets you take a gorgeous photo from the other side of the room, without compromising the quality of the photo. But suddenly shooting people wasn’t daunting anymore. I just needed the right lens to get me into it.

These photos of Virgit were shot two days before we did the shoot of the gorgeously extravagant London skirt. Lighting wasn’t great that day so we’d patiently wait for the clouds to cover the bright sun. In post-editing I added blue and pink hues to give it a bit of a dreamscape feel. I had so much fun doing the shoots with Virgit! I reckon these won’t be the last.

Head over to Virgit’s blog Preppyfashionist to see the rest of the photos!

Preppyfashionist Virgit in London