Volkshotel Amsterdam

Volkshotel Amsterdam

The last time I was in Amsterdam, I visited the Volkshotel. The hotel is located in Amsterdam East, near the Amstel river, and is housed in the former Volkskrant (national newspaper) building. When you enter the building, the first thing that strikes you is the gorgeous urban design of the hotel. The architect wanted to maintain as much as possible of the old building. There are pillars still visible everywhere and the massive grey concrete is showing everywhere you go in the building. 

The hotel offers standard rooms and nine uniquely designed ‘special’ rooms. There’s a room that pays tribute to the bicycle (‘White Bike Room‘), the main transportation device for Amsterdammers, a room that has a bed suspended from the ceiling to make you feel like you’re in the woods sleeping in a cabin or treehouse (‘Cabin in the Woods‘) and a vintage room filled with old Dutch cabinets and wallpaper decorations and a gigantic deer statue in the corner by the window (‘Deer Danny‘). That’s right – a deer statue (how awesome is that)! 

Volkshotel Design Bathing Bikou

Volkshotel Design Bathing Bikou

We stayed in the ‘Bathing Bikou‘, a room designed to make you feel all zen and relaxed. The design is minimalistic with a beautiful mix of woods and concrete. The sliding doors provide space and privacy at the same time. The room features a Japanese wooden bathtub in the middle of the room, perfect for a bath after a long day of hauling yourself from one meeting to another. And after the bath, why not end the night with watching a Netflix movie with the home theater projector installed in the room (how’s that for a Netflix and chill night). 

Volkshotel Design Bathing Bikou

Volkshotel Amsterdam
Volkshotel Amsterdam
Volkshotel Design Bathing Bikou

Volkshotel Design Bathing Bikou
Volkshotel Design Bathing Bikou

If the design of the room isn’t winning you over already, the view from the hotel definitely will. The hotel has a near 360 degree view on each floor.

Volkshotel Badplaats
Volkshotel Werkplaats
Volkshotel Amsterdam

It was hard to pack our bags and leave the hotel again after our stay. The view, the stunning design of the room, the cocktails at Canvas, we couldn’t have wished for a more pleasant stay. 

Volkshotel has a treat for all November visitors. Planning a trip to Amsterdam soon? Book a standard room this month using the code AUTUMN15 and enjoy a special rate of EUR 79 – a steal for a hotel in Amsterdam. 

Don’t worry, this deal won’t come with me (that is, unless you invite me and I have vetted you thoroughly and/or you are Keanu Reeves).

Volkshotel Canvas Cocktail
Volkshotel Uitzicht
Volkshotel Cafe
  • ah, you always pick the most stylish hotels Igrien. I love the idea of zen and relaxed room, I feel like I really need one right now. oh, and the 360 degree view sounds so attempting! thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Ah thanks Tiffany! It was a surprise for us as well when we entered the room. The photos do not do it justice!
      Thanks for stopping by Tiffany! <3

  • You had me at Netflix ‘n Chill 😉
    Beautiful photos – I’m a sucker for anything with wood & concrete! And that view is fantastic ♥

    • Haha, oh you would have loved this room Izzy! I don’t have Netflix (because em.. the internet..) but I got a good idea of what my life would be like if I did have it!
      Thanks for stopping by Izzy! Have a great day! <3

      • Hi hi, neither do I (long live the internet ;-))! I just realized Netflix has sortof become a synonym for anything that enables binge-watching. At least to me. Like in the Philippines they use Colgate for anything toothpaste, regardless of the actual brand. Well done, Netflix 😉
        Have a fun week, Igrien!!

  • Ahhh these aesthetics! The hotel looks so cute, love the interior. Definitely adding to my list of hotels to stay at on my next trip to Amsterdam 🙂


    • Thanks Erica! I loved the design too, the photos do not do it justice!
      Thanks for stopping by – have a nice day! <3

  • Woa, this is such a gorgeous hotel, simply stunning – I love the design!

    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  • Such a zen and chill feel
    I like this kind of minimalist <3
    The first thing caught my eyes was the bathroom, and if the water would flow to the room, speaking of me swimming in the bathtub perhaps! haha

    x Tiff

    • Hi Tiff, I know right?! I felt completely peaceful in this room! I wouldn’t mind a bath like this in my bedroom 😀