Wayfarer The Avantguardian


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 24 May 2017

After a trip to London in January, Los Angeles in February, New York in March and Berlin in April, I said to myself that May was going to be a month of peace and quiet for me. And it has been so peaceful and so wonderfully quiet. I love to travel but I also hold dear the comfort of my own home. Of my hometown, Amsterdam. Of sitting on the couch and re-watching old episodes of Mad Men on our big-ass movie screen.

That¬†said, I wouldn’t mind packing my bags again next month and wandering around the globe with my camera. After all, a dreamer’s heart beats hardest for great adventures and faraway lands. The endless gazing at travel photos on instagram does not count herein. Nor is watching travel vlogs from fellow influencers the same. No – traveling is something you have to experience yourself to be able to feel it and really take inspiration from.

One thing’s for sure – the next destination has to be some place warm. Because summer, I’m ready for ya.