We Love Food

Every Asian of our generation considers him or herself a foodie by definition. What can I say: we love food. We’re on Yelp describing our every restaurant experience, we watch Anthony Bourdain’s latest food series and David Chang and Roy Choi are our Asian food gods. And as much as we love eating food, we love looking at food as well. If you’re an Asian and you are not taking photographs of your food, clearly, something is wrong with you 😉

I used to post my ‘foodporn’ pictures on Facebook, but one of the reasons I started the blog was because I didn’t want to spam people too much with my food photos. I have already posted some restaurant posts on the blog. Starting this year, I will pick up where I left off with ‘foodporn’ and continue posting the food photos that you don’t see in my other posts.

So, let’s feast, shall we?

K’s steamed scallops, rice vermicelli, soy, spring onions and fried garlic

photo 5-3
Salmon pasta with basil tomato sauce

Stir-fried beef noodles with bean sprouts

photo 1-5
Clams in a white wine sauce and seasonal vegetables

photo 3-6
Japanese curry with fried tonkatsu and vegetables

photo 1-1
Always an appetite for sushi

My favorite burger – big, fat and beautiful

photo 4-3
Chinese noodle soup with dumplings and a soft runny egg

photo 3-3
Creme brûlée – don’t you just love cracking the top?

photo 4-1
Ramen lunch with gyoza (Japanese potstickers)

Rice noodle rolls with shrimp – used to love eating this as a kid

Grilled asparagus wrapped in ham

Fried shrimp with egg/onion dip

Our friend S is one of the best cooks we know and we are always amazed by the dishes she treats us to. During Christmas last year, she prepared us a feast of a meal. This was her Christmas turkey with crispy bacon topping – delicious!

Beef noodles with enoki mushrooms

photo 2-3
Ikea lunch with Swedish meatballs – still the bomb

photo 1-3
Grilled chili lobster with fries and salad

photo 2-5
Treated to bubbles and bites at a department store in Dusseldorf and we weren’t even buying anything. Amsterdam, get in on this asap.

photo 1-4
Dutch herring with pickles and onions – the best at Amstelveen’s Koning

photo 2-6
Sashimi plate

K’s rack of lamb with herby mushrooms and a rosemary and garlic butter

photo 4-5
Chewy rice cake with a custard filling

photo 4-4
Mushroom risotto with walnuts

photo 5-2
Our favorite Gusto di Casto panini on a Sunday afternoon – Mirafiori (truffle mousse, parmaham, provolone, rocket salad)

photo 3-5
Steamed scallops, Chinese style

photo 3-7
Laduree macarons

photo 5-1
Indonesian rice table – could eat this all day err day

photo 3-4
Oh yeah 🙂 We used to get a (free) refill after every round at the Ikea store. Nowadays they give you coins; party poopers.

photo 1-2
Pasta bolognese with beef tartar

photo 2-2
Japanese agedashi tofu in a sweet dash fish broth, topped with bonito fish flakes

photo 2-4
Chinese noodle soup with dumplings and slices of (fried) pork

photo 3-2
Grass shot for your doses of vitamins

Ebi maki

Our attempt at making Vietnamese beef phở

Unagi maki

photo 1
No Asian food post is complete without boba

My grandmother used to munch on these and I always thought it looked unappetizing. Nowadays, no dim sum meal is complete without at least one dish of chicken feet.

photo 4-2

Xiao Long Bao or steamed soup dumplings

High tea with a brownie cake, white chocolate cheesecake, key lime pie, a pear and cinnamon cake and a dark rich velvety chocolate cake. On the side, lavender cupcakes.

Our friend S made this gorgeous Baked Alaska, a dessert with the perfect combination of hot and cold

Thank you for reading!