Share a Coke!

At first it was my intention to publish all posts in the morning at around 8AM. After a couple of days, I decided around noon would be good. Now, I am publishing posts later and later. It’s almost 8PM now and I still have to get started on my posts for today. I know, I know. And I don’t have any excuses either. I am either lounging in the park, reading a book on the benches of Gustav Mahlerplein, or I’m out shopping. Occasionally, I do a little Tom-Cruise-in-Risky-Business and dance on Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock’n Roll at home. Hey, don’t pretend you have never done it.

Anyway, when I passed the station yesterday, I came across Coca-Cola’s Share a coke machine. It’s a machine that is part of the Share a coke advertising tour, with which you get to create your own Coca-Cola can. I had already seen friends post pictures of their cans on instagram and twitter, but now it was my turn. And I don’t even drink coke!




My name on a can, baby!