Westwing: Minimal Interior

Westwing Minimal Light

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


inspiration | 3 October 2016

Created for Westwing

I’m excited to be showing you guys a look inside my home. My boyfriend and I had been living in the business district (‘Zuidas’) for years, where we rented a beautiful apartment overlooking the concrete jungle of the city. After a few years, we felt like we needed a change of scenery. We were looking for a house to buy in Amsterdam but it was always either too small or too expensive for the both of us. So we decided to settle for something small, a place that we could call our home for the next few years, a stepping stone for the next. We’ve been living here for a couple months now and we’re loving our new home. We’re not the kind of people who spend months decorating their place – we’re minimal beings and we like keeping things minimal. Welcome to our minimal interior home!

Westwing Minimal Light

Westwing Minimal Light

Westwing Minimal Light Design Table

Westwing Minimal Light Design Cinema Lamp

My favorite pieces 

1. Cinema lamp – One of the eye-catchers in our home is our cinema lamp. I got this one at Westwing. As a photographer, I felt immediately drawn to this lamp due to its shape and form (similar to that of a studio light) and the silver flecks on the inner surface bounce off a gorgeous light when lit. We’ve had several of our friends comment on the lamp already – it’s one of our favorite pieces in the house. 

2. Hay Loop Stand – The Hay loop stand table is one of the pieces that we brought over from our previous home. It’s a sturdy table with the iconic Hay three-legged loop stand. The table top is a white wooden top. What I love about the table is its elegant feel and at the same time its ruggedness. K and I differ so much from each other but with this table, we knew we had to have it in our house. 

3. Bower Wilkins Zeppelin – If there’s one thing I love, it’s music. And whenever I listen to music, I like to blast it from the stereo. The Bower Wilkins Zeppelin is an item in our house we cannot live without – it’s constantly on during the weekends, in the evenings, when I’m working at home. And what I love about it is its unique shape. 

4. Chairs – We have two different sets of chairs. One set is from Kartell, the Masters chairs in black. This was probably one of the first things we bought when we moved in together. We just loved the structural form of the chairs. In the photos the chairs have furs draped over them but underneath the design is just stunning. The second set of chairs is from Westwing and it’s a grey set of chairs similar to the Eames DSW. I love the shape of the Eames DSW but what I don’t like is how stiff the chair is when sitting. These chairs from Westwing have a leather cushion on the seat which makes them so comfortable to sit on (even more comfortable than the Kartell).

5. Cabinets – We don’t like having too many things on the ground so we knew we wanted cabinets hanging from the walls. We found beautiful colored squared ones at Ikea. We loved the grey color of these cabinets and installed a set of six in our kitchen for our glasses. We have another set of eight in our living room for books – as you can see it’s not filled yet. I still have some boxes left to unpack.

Westwing Minimal Light Design Fur Blue

Hay Table Loop Stand

Bower Wilkins Zeppelin

Westwing Minimal Light Plant

Westwing Minimal Light Color Interior

Hay Table Loop Stand

Westwing Minimal Light Kitchen Cabinet

Westwing Minimal Light Design Plate

My minimal interior tips 

1. White walls (optional: one colored) – In our previous house we left all walls white. What it does is it gives the feeling of having a larger space. But too large a space can feel empty. So what I would advice is to do one colored wall and leave the rest white. For our living room, we went for Farrow & Ball’s Calluna. I went back and forth on the color for the living room but eventually went with this one because of its lightness and sophisticated feel. The color is one of the most captivating colors in my opinion. It’s a very soft lilac that has tones of grey and blue. When the sun hits the walls, it’s a light pink – when the sun set, it’s a gorgeous light grayish blue. For our bedroom, we chose Farrow & Ball’s Plummett. A dark grey with an architectural and industrial feel. Don’t be afraid to add one dark wall to the bedroom – it may look intense but when you leave your other three walls white, it’s the most elegant room you’ll ever see. Both colors were in Estate Emulsion (for that luxurious chalky finish).

2. Hanging cabinets – Minimal living just can’t do when you have a lot of stuff laying around. We were looking for cabinets that ‘levitate’ from the ground so that you don’t have a lot going on on the floor. Hanging cabinets are a great way to store your goods and when you leave it open, it’s a playful way of displaying your items.

3. Add a bit of color – When you’re doing minimal, you don’t want your whole house to have a washed out look. To keep the interior looking modern, add some colorful touches. In our living room, we’ve added some colorful cushions from Westwing on the couch. They’re small enough to not draw too much attention but colorful enough to make any minimal interior look more interesting. We stuck with one color scheme – our whole house consists of whites, greys (like our chairs), pinks (a small table top) and blues (furs, below) – matching the tones of our colored wall. You can add as many colors as you want, but by sticking to one scheme, it’s far more elegant.

4. Add textures – To keep a minimal interior looking stylish, add textures to your interior. We did that by layering furs on our chairs. They’re not only there to keep us warm for the colder days that are coming – they add a bit of diversity in our living room space as well. And they make the living room look refined.

5. Invest in statement pieces – What makes any house memorable in my opinion is at least one statement piece, in the living room preferably. For us, it’s our Westwing cinema lamp, our Bower Wilkins Zeppelin stereo and our Hay table. They stand out and they’re what makes any minimal living room ‘alive’.

Westwing Minimal Light Bedroom