Winds Of Winter

Winds Of Winter The Fifth Label

Winds Of Winter The Fifth Label


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
| 20 April 2017But, that’s the Netherlands for ya.

It may be spring and sunny right now but somehow we’ve ended up with winter weather again. Temperatures have dropped, just when I’ve already changed my warm knits for short skirts and dresses.

But, that’s the Netherlands for ya.

In the mean time, I am temporarily switching back my skincare regimen to winter essentials. The La Mer revitalizing serum is a winner in my books when it comes to hydrating. I tried out this last month for the first time and have been loving it since. I’d say of all the serums I have at the moment, this has the most hydrating formula. And there are serums for hair as well, in case you didn’t know! Shu Uemura makes some of the best products on the market in my opinion (I’m especially a fan of their oil-based face cleanser) and this serum has become essential for my haircare. I have used other hair serums before but I’ve always found that they weigh down your hair – which is the last thing I want with my thin Asian strands. This hair serum has no weight at all. You apply it before blow-drying your hair and it gives your hair a natural and light finish. It’s kind of like the feeling you have when you’ve gone to the hair salon for a blow dry (which I never seem to be able to have at home). My last beauty favorite currently is a skincare oil by Chanel. I have a mixed skin complexion so I usually try to stay away from anything oily. But this facial oil has a more hydrating than oily formula, making it easier for my skin to absorb the oil without leaving a greasy feeling. The smell of this is divine by the way!

The shoes I’ve been wearing a lot lately are these Steve Madden loafers. They’re definitely man repellers (K hates them) but they’re so comfortable to walk in (never mind super soft and warm).

Winds Of Winter The Fifth Label