Woman In Black

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


style | 6 February 2017

I don’t think I will ever be able to rid myself of all of my black items in my closet. When you stand in front of my closet, you’ll see that about sixty percent of the rack consists of black clothing. The other forty percent is either neutrals or whites. But there’s something about the sleek silhouette of black that draws me to it. Its subtlety, its elegance, its transforming quality of going from simple to classy.

One day I will try to get out of my comfort zone though. And I’ll try something extravagantly crazy. Like grey. I could do dark grey. Light grey is just silly – then you might as well just wear white.

Someday I will have to explain my daughters that I’m not a crazy person. That black really is as beautiful as yellow. It isn’t though – yellow is too wild to even be considered. If colors could have a personality, I imagine Yellow being the overly enthusiastic and happy type. Green would be the environmentalist – always trying to campaign for a greener world. Blue would be the adventurous type. The one always going on about the outdoors and stuff. It drives Yellow and Green crazy.

Black is the silent type. The I-know-it-all-I’ve-seen-it-all type who would rather draw back and read a book. Of all colors, Black can only tolerate White and Red. White because White never says anything, which is excellent. And Red because Red is an island entirely of itself. Black can admire Red from a distance and actually appreciate Red’s presence.

So red and black. That’s as far as I’ll go for now. 

Woman In Black

Woman In Black

Woman In Black

Wearing: Gucci Dionysus bag, Isabel Marant turtleneck, St. Studio leather skirt, Dune black suede boots,    

Woman In Black

Woman In Black

I will be leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow. Follow me on my instagram to stay updated. See you guys on the other side!

Woman In Black

  • Looking beautiful babe! Loving your bag!





  • Adrianna

    You look so chic! The movement of your skirt looks divine.

    I think you and I need to trade shopping secrets! I am too much attracted to the crazy and quirky pieces (think statement shoes, sweaters and bags) to the point where it can be sometimes hard to pair a decent outfit. I lack the basic blacks, neutrals and whites to pair the crazy back. There is definitely something to be learned from both types of fashion pieces, and when combined even more magic happens 🙂


    • Thank you Adrianna! I agree! I think statement pieces work best with neutrals. I am a bit obsessed with statement pieces as well haha!
      Thanks for stopping by and have a good day! <3

  • Melisa

    first time in your blog and I’m so in love with everything<3 amazing style, keep it up!
    http://www.rebelrebel.co x

  • Mes Voyages à Paris

    In love with woman in black! You look so pretty dear!


    Mónica Sors




  • Omg you don’t know how obsessed I am with your hero animation! Sooo good. That Gucci bag is beautiful and you look stunning as always 🙂 Have fun in LA!


    • Thank you so much Erica! LA was amazing and I miss it already! Have a good day!

  • I love your blog!! Really beautiful posts!

    TINGETTE | tingette.com

  • Elegant Duchess

    Black is my most fave colour. Beautiful statement dress


    • It is mine too haha! Thanks for stopping by dear! Hope you have a good day! <3