Woodstone Pizza

Before K and I walked into the Woodstone Pizza restaurant in Hoofddorp, we decided that we would only have one pizza, seeing as we were both still full from lunch. But when we looked at the menu, we couldn’t agree on just one pizza. There was meat, there was cheese, there was a section dedicated solely to foodies (Pizza Culinario). We couldn’t resist so we decided to have two. That’s right – friggin’ two!

Woodstone Pizza Il Carnivore
K’s pizza Ferragosta – with mozzarella, mushrooms, meat, mascarpone, jalapeño peppers, rocket salad and a garlic pesto olive oil.

Woodstone Pizza Tartufo
My pizza Tartufo – with mushrooms, asparagus, red onions, Parmesan cheese and truffle oil.

Before we even finished 1/3 of both our pizzas, we were stuffed. As pizza lovers, we were ashamed that we couldn’t even finish half of our pizzas. We asked the waiter whether it was possible to take away the pizza in doggy bags or boxes, thinking she’d probably say no. In The Netherlands we’re not accustomed to the concept of doggy bags. Which is absurd, because it’s such a waste of food. But within minutes, the lovely waitress stood next to our table with two big pizza boxes. Woodstone, I think I love you.