Write Your Tomorrow

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October 2017

Every week when Monday arrives again, we’re hit with the reality that our weeks are short and we do not have the time we need to do or accomplish the things that we want. Ideally, we’d have a four-day workweek and a three-day weekend (or the other way around!).

If we assess the time we have on average in a lifetime and subtract the time we need to sleep, eat, work, and time we spend with our family and friends, to exercise, to watch tv and surf the internet, we’re left with an average of ten years to spend working on our goals.

That’s not much, is it? In fact, it’s quite little. Planning is key to every dreamer planning on making their dreams come true. But with our daily tasks, it’s hard to keep track of our progress and as time passes, goals may change. Here’s a few steps on how to keep your focus solid so that you can write your tomorrow.

All you need to do, is get a piece of paper, post-its and a pen.

Let’s go!

Write Your Tomorrow

1. Draw a line on the piece of paper, divide into three sections and write down the numbers A, B and C in each section

2. Write down your life goals

Write down three things you truly wish to accomplish in your life on separate post-its. Your life goals, your ambitions, even personal things – things you can’t wait to see realized in your life. It can be anything, as long as you know it’s your heart’s desire. And post the goals under A.

3. Write down additional goals

Now, write down on separate post-its the things that you didn’t write down and post under A because you felt they weren’t your true life goals. But they’re still goals you’d wish to accomplish sooner or later. Goals that you feel also define you. Post them under B.

4. Write down the things that make you smile

Lastly, write down all the things that make you smile on separate post-its. It can be as many as you want. Whether it’s watching Netflix, reading books or exercising. It can be anything that you need to make you feel happy instantly.

5. Assess your goals

Go back to A and find your number one goal. The goal you need to work on right now because you cannot think of anything else. Mark this as 1 and continue numbering the goals in order of importance to you. Move every other number to B but keep your #1 under A.

6. Divide your #1 goal into small steps

Your #1 goal is what you are going to focus on the most. Map out the steps you need to take to accomplish your goal by writing down every thing you need to do or learn for your goal. Write it on separate post-its and post it under #1.

7. Divide the steps into your planner

Take out your planner and divide the post-its in your monthly, weekly or daily calendar within reasonable time. These steps are going to be your focus for the week or month. After you’ve distributed the post-its over your planner, end with your #1 post-it after the last step. This day is going to be your deadline. Don’t have time left this year? Continue in your next planner.

8. Post the other goals inside the back of your planner

And let these post-its be the room you need for other challenges. So if you feel like changing things up, take a goal from the back of your planner and work on this instead. 

9. Post the ‘happiness’ post-its inside the front of your planner

And let these post-its remind you that life is about living and living means finding your happy moments. This is also your wall of things to do when you need a little inspiration.

There’s only so much we can do to organize our thoughts. But by prioritizing your goals and distributing your work over your calendar, you’re going to get a much better and clearer overview of your progress. Move the post-its if you expect to finish sooner or later. And let the steps guide you every week.

Write your tomorrow – happy planning guys!