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Yauatcha Supreme Saturdays Dimsum

There’s no better way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon in London than with good food and some delicious cocktails on the side, period.

We visited Yauatcha (City) to try their new Supreme Saturdays menu. The menu features cocktails, dim sum, some mains and desserts you can choose from and wine. At only 49 pound per person, this is one of the best lunch deals in London at the moment.

We start with the Lychee Martini, sweet and soft, and the Thea Martini, a cocktail with a nice chili and ginger balance. I wouldn’t have minded a stronger chili flavor though!

The waiter asks if we prefer a white or red wine to go with the set lunch and we decide on a white. Most dishes on the menu are on the lighter sight and red can be overpowering with dim sum.

We are served the dim sum platters, a steamed and fried platter. The steamed platter features a pork and prawn shui mai and har gau, a wild mushroom dumpling, a vegetable and truffle wrap and a pumpkin with pine nut dumpling wrap. Our favorite was the black pepper and wagyu beef dumpling – what a burst of flavor!

Yauatcha Supreme Saturdays Dimsum

The fried platter features a mushroom spring roll, lobster roll and sesame prawn toast. The platter also features a lovely venison puff. The sauce was well-balanced, the puff pastry was beautifully thin – it was probably the best meat puff I’ve had so far. Both platters were actually pretty good in taste and less greasy than what you’re used to in more traditional restaurants.

We move on to the mains. We choose the lobster vermicelli pot and the truffle pork belly rib. The latter was a dish we weren’t sure would work well, I mean, pork belly rib is good on its own already, it doesn’t need more. But the truffle mince on top added a refined quality to the dish that was utterly pleasing.  

We end with the Espresso Martini (gotta love espresso martinis) and the Amaretto Sour. For the dessert, we go with the Mandarin Macadamia and Raspberry Delice. The Raspberry Delice is something I’ve been wanting to try ever since I walked past Yauatcha Soho one time and I saw this rose-like dessert. It is made with a raspberry majari chocolate mousse and a lychee panna cotta centre. The Mandarin Macadamia consists of bitter chocolate, a mandarin centre and caramelized macadamia.

Yauatcha Supreme Saturdays Pork Belly

Yauatcha Supreme Saturdays Cocktail

Yauatcha Supreme Saturdays Dessert Patisserie
Yauatcha Supreme Saturdays Dessert Patisserie

After our visit, we’ve been recommending this menu to all of our friends and families. The choice on the menu is limited (you only get to choose the cocktails, mains and desserts; the rest is fixed) but what you are getting is a fine set of lunch that highlights both dim sum and Chinese-inspired dishes.

After the holidays, I’m definitely going back for a second round!

In the photos: Fried Dim Sum Platter, Steamed Dim Sum Platter, Truffle Pork Belly Rib Main, Amaretto Sour, Mandarin Macadamia, Raspberry Delice

Yauatcha City / Supreme Saturdays / 1 Broadgate Cir, London