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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


life | 14 November 2016

We go about in our daily lives living a duality of reality and dreams. There’s the normalcy of every-day life keeping us grounded. We wake up, we interact with people, we eat, we sleep. Then there’s the dreamlike essence of life that keeps us going. We all have goals in sight. They’re unreachable and far away but they’re what makes our hearts beat, the rhythm of which is only defined by the character and deep desires of our dreams. It’s where we live in our mind.

At times, dream and reality collide in a single moment in time. That moment happened to me last Thursday.

I want to thank the jury for granting me that moment, Zalando for making this category possible and my fellow nominees for putting out outstanding and inspiring work.

Family, friends, K, at times you may see me and I’m eluding present time, but I am forever grateful for your support and for sticking with me.

And to all my fellow bloggers / photographers, filmmakers, stylists, illustrators, editorial creatives, visual storytellers – this is for all of us.



Zalando Creative Content Icon Igrien The Avantguardian